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In order to enrich the team's spiritual life and enhance the team's sense of belonging and centripetal force to the OKES lighting family, and to encourage team employees to learn advanced, OKES lighting regularly carries out cultural tourism activities every year to further promote the team to relax, broaden their horizons and cultivate their sexual feelings. In addition, it also strengthens the emotional exchanges among colleagues who travel together, Let everyone feel the warmth brought by the big family of OKES lighting enterprises.

The excellent corporate culture of OKES lighting can not only stimulate the creative vitality of employees, but also strengthen the cohesion between employees and the enterprise. As a well-known brand of canned fruit, Zhongshan OKES Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the construction of people-oriented corporate culture. In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural life, stretch their mood, relieve pressure and enhance employees' cohesion.

OKES lighting team culture has created the booming OKES lighting industry, precipitated the enterprise spirit with rich ideological connotation, and cultivated a united and enterprising team. The annual meeting held by OKES lighting is not only the summary of the year, but also the beginning of the coming year, which is of great significance. It is pragmatic, grounded, ideological connotation, reflection and summary, and development planning. It is a burst of collective wisdom and the refinement and sublimation of enterprise spirit.


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