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Advantage 1: one of the two core brands of Huayi Group, a leading enterprise in dengdu ancient town

OKES is in its prime and is in its 27th anniversary! OKES lighting was founded in 1993. With a brand history of 27 years, it is one of the two core brands of Huayi Group, a leading enterprise in dengdu ancient town.

Advantage 2: OEM of some products of well-known brands

OKES lighting has a modern industrial park covering a total area of more than 100000 square meters, a light source R & D and manufacturing base covering an area of 200 mu, strong production and manufacturing capacity, and OEM of some products of well-known brands such as Philips, Rex and vishan group.

Advantage 3: comprehensive brand enterprise of overall home lighting

It is the first comprehensive brand in China to operate the whole category and focus on the overall home lighting. It is a national enterprise that has survived the storm and gradually developed and expanded. It adheres to the unified national image, unified price and standardized management and operation.

Advantage 4: it has dozens of authoritative qualifications and honors

Aokeshi lighting has been dedicated to making lamps for 25 years. It has been honored all the way. It has been widely recognized by the government, industry, media and consumers. We are an enterprise with historical precipitation. We are serious about making brands.

Advantage 5: build a communication platform for dealers

Aokeshi lighting holds new product launch conferences twice a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), one or two regional dealer meetings, one dealer domestic tour and one overseas tour, so as to build a communication platform for dealers for common development and progress.

Advantage 6: store standardization and process support

From store site selection guidance, store planning and measurement, drawing design, decoration follow-up, sample loading guidance, store layout to opening scheme planning and landing, material configuration standardization and process support, aokeshi lighting makes it easy for dealers to open business and start at one shot.

Advantage 7: unified template scheme planning

The first mock exam is to promote group sales, and to promote the sale of products. In the important holiday and sales, the promotion of Different Industries Alliance, the bargain sale and group purchase will be carried out. The unified template plan, the material configuration and so on are all standardized.

Advantage 8: accurate advertising of Aokesi lighting

The well-known media in the industry, some high-end magazines and domestic well-known network media have long-term follow-up publicity reports; In some important markets, there will be accurate advertising of outdoor advertisements and anti-aircraft guns.

Advantage 9: authoritative media reports throughout the year

aokeshi lighting will spend tens of millions to detonate the brand. The brand exhibition of four CCTV channels CCTV1, CCTV4, cctv10 and cctv17, the annual industry coverage of seven search engines, the annual brand coverage of 10 high-end magazines, the rolling exhibition brand of 30 famous video media and the brand coverage of 500 authoritative media will make you worry free in promotion.


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